ins ondemand3 Vimeo On Demand gets rent and own pricing options, preorders, promo code generator, and more advanced stats

When VOD first launched back in March , only one price was allowed. Next up, VOD sellers can now build buzz and drive advanced sales by making content available for preorder and creating promo codes. The new promo code generator lets filmmakers give certain viewers (the press, partners, friends, and so on) the option to access their work at no cost. Last but not least, VOD has received more statistics and VOD figures are rolled into PRO members Advanced Stats section. Sellers now get more information about their works, including trailer plays, paid video plays, and additional revenue details.
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Mayor’s office: rent controls would ‘drive away investment’

Under his plans affordable rents can be set at up to 80% of the market rate for an area. London Mayor Boris Johnson Credit: Reuters “Rent controls across 33 different boroughs would simply have the negative effect of driving away vital investment and reduce the number of homes built” the Mayor’s office said in a statement. They said the result would be simply “exacerbating London’s housing crisis.” More top news
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Rent This Rare Art Deco Jewel Box

It would make a pretty glamorous restaurant. The 1931 Selig clothing co. has been a bank, a video store, most recently back to a clothing shop and now the prime corner is sitting empty. It is one of only two remaining black-and-gold tile confections in the same city that once had this magnificent skyscraper.
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