Mie Iwatsuki (L) and Ralph McElvenny, principals of Sumitomo International Realty in New York. (Courtesy of Sumitomo Development)

If the property is in bankruptcy, well have to evaluate the deal. We prefer properties near the end stages of the bankruptcy process, so theres some understanding as to the timeline and litigation costs related to the purchase of the property. McElvenny says Sumitomo (N.Y.) is potentially interested in development properties here as well, but they could require more evaluation. Besides this larger practice, we also maintain relationships with foreclosure experts. [We also look at] deals ranging from $1 property management in maryland million to $10 million, so investors looking in this price range are also welcome to contact us, Iwatsuki said.
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Real Estate Investing With Cash? Why You Should Reconsider

Isnt that the real investment, and wont it grow in value every year? Thats what a lot of people thought before the housing crash. At best, the investment you make in an investment property today will return cash flow during the life of the investment, which will be offset in part by mortgage payments you make on the property and additional costs for repairs and maintenance to keep the home rentable.
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