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If these muscles are not receiving the proper signals, the contents ofthe intestine fail to move along as they should, triggering a blockage. Around 80 per cent of patients have ‘short segment’ Hirsch-sprung’s, which affects only the rectum or the adjacent part of the colon (called the sigmoid). Some have ‘ultra-short segment’ disease with only a 2cm or so section near the anus involved – many of the children affected have chronic constipation with soiling for years before the true nature of the condition is spotted.
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‘Doctor Who’ lost episodes found in Africa, coming to iTunes

According to a report, episodes from Patrick Troughton’s time as the second Doctor have been unearthed and could be heading to iTunes as soon as Wednesday (October 9). The rumor comes from Radio Times, though the BBC wouldn’t confirm the news. The site says the episodes were discovered in Africa and have been digitally remastered. That might not be all that was found, though. The Mirror reports than more than 100 episodes were discovered, featuring both Troughton and the original Doctor, William Hartnell .
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